Do new build houses need a TV aerial?

Sep 29, 2022

Almost every new build home will come with at least 1 fitted aerial socket. The cable from which will run internally within the wall of the house through up into the loft. The coax cable from the socket is normally placed coiled up near the loft hatch. However, the builders usually do not install a TV aerial within the loft for this cable. That is left up to the new owner to arrange a TV aerial installation within the loft when they move in. Alternatively they can try to fit one themselves.

So, the quick answer to ‘Do new build houses need a TV aerial?’ is YES, most new build houses need a TV aerial if the owners want to watch Freeview live on their TV.

Does every house have a TV aerial?

Not every house needs a TV aerial. This is because some owners choose to watch TV via Sky or Freesat. These platforms do not use a TV aerial to get their signal. Sky and Freesat receive their signal using a satellite dish.

Another option is to sign up to Virgin and get cable TV via a fibre optic internet connection and a subscription to Virgin Media.

What do you do if your house doesn’t have an aerial?

If your house doesn’t have an aerial and you wish to watch Freeview live TV, then and aerial installation is required. This service is provided by a local aerial & satellite engineer or company. Look on line for a local aerial company to use. You may even need for an electrician to fit an electrical socket in the loft. This so its ready for an amplifier for the aerial. Check their reviews before deciding to go with them. This could take some time before the aerial installer can attend. So, maybe consider an indoor aerial as a temporary option?

Can I get live TV without an aerial?

Yes, it is possible to watch live TV via, SKY, Freesat or Virgin. There is also the option of streaming channels via Freeview play, but this isn’t as easy to use as Freeview live and has a lot less of the regular TV channels to choose from.