Does a TV aerial need power?

Sep 30, 2022

The answer to the question, ‘do TV aerials need power‘, is; TV aerials in general do not need power, and do not need to be plugged into a power socket for them to work. To qualify what type of aerial we are discussing, it is not the indoor aerials that come with a plug attached to them that you can fit yourself. It is the type of aerial fitted to chimneys, outside walls, or within lofts.

Are TV aerials connected to mains?

TV aerials are not connected directly to the mains power. They do not directly use mains power to work.

How is a TV aerial powered?

A standard TV aerial gets its power from the TV or device it’s connected to. A typical TV aerial is activated when the coax cable it is connected to is plugged into the back of a television. This then sends up the coax cable to the antenna a 5-volt charge that then activates the aerial. Once activated it is primed to receive the signal from the Transmitter Tower.

There is an exemption to this and that is when using an amplified aerial. Amplified aerials come supplied with a PSU (power supply unit). The PSU is plugged into a power socket and it is via this PSU that a mild electrical current usually 9 – 12v is sent up the coax cable to the amplified aerial. But these are not that common.

How much power does an antenna need?

Typical TV aerials are activated using 5-volts. This 5-volts come when the coax cable is plugged into the telly or other devices such as a set top box or recorder.

Amplified aerials usually need 9-12volts, & get their power from a PSU that is supplied with the aerial.

Is there electricity in an antenna?

If connected to a device there will be a miniscule amount of electrical current travelling within the cable. It is hardly noticeable.

Does an antenna amplifier need power?

For any amplifier to work, it needs electricity. This is how it is able to boost or amplify the signal being received. Most amplifiers need to be plugged into a power socket in order to work. This is why many new build homes will have a plug socket installed within the loft next to where the coax cables are placed.