How do you install a TV Aerial Wall Socket?

Sep 30, 2022

In order to install a TV aerial socket correctly so that it works you will need access to a few tools and some level of practical skill. The equipment and tools required are listed below


  • TV Aerial Socket Face Plate
  • Coaxial Cable RG6


  1. Stanley Knife or coaxial cable stripper
  2. Small Screw driver
  3. Snips

Step by step guide

Step 1. With the Stanley knife cut the outer sheath (the PVC jacket) at about 2cm in length. Be careful not to cut through to the braiding within. This braiding is required to stay enacted.

Step 2. Twist the cable braid together making a small tail and pull back over the PVC jacket. The cable screen can be removed at this time.

Step 3. Using your Stanley knife at a 45-degree angle and cut through the dielectric insulation at about 5mm from the PVC jacket. Cut through until you reach the copper core wire. Rotate the knife around the circumference of the wire as you go so that you are cutting evenly. You can now see the copper wire in the centre of the dielectric insulation.

Step 4. Now twist or “fan” out those copper braids away from centre and gently pull the now cut dielectric insulation completely from off the copper core. You have now successfully stripped your coaxial cable!

Step 5. At this point, you can go ahead and insert your cable into the wall plate terminations and screw it down into place. Just be sure that the centre conductor is inserted into the centre of the wall plate and that the braid is clamped down by the second clamp. Also, make sure that there is no contact between the braid and centre conductor as this could cause a short circuit

Step 6. Finally, use your Phillips screwdriver to screw in the wall plate until it is snug against the back box or panel box. And that’s it! You have now successfully connected your coaxial cable, which is a handy skill for all aspect of DIY aerial installations. To test your connection, you can use a cable tester (although this is optional).


That’s all there is to it! Stripping a coaxial cable is a simple process that only requires a few tools. Be sure to follow these steps carefully so that you do not damage the internal components of the cable. With this newly acquired skill, you can now work on any project that requires a stripped coaxial cable!