Can you Install a TV Aerial yourself?

Sep 28, 2022

So, to answer the question, ‘Can you install a TV aerial yourself’, The answer is Yes, it is possible for a complete novice to install a TV aerial. However, it will depend on a few variables that I go through below. They are;

  1. You need to be fit and able with some degree of practical skills?
  2. The location of where the TV Aerial is going to be installed must be safe to access?
  3. You should have you access to tools and fixings?
  4. You must have a rudimentary knowledge of installing TV aerials?

If the answer is yes to the 4 requirements, then there is a good chance of being able to carry out a TV aerial installation. However, if the answer is no to any one of the questions, then abandon the idea and call a TV aerial fitter near you.

It will, also depend on whether the location of the property is in an area of strong signal from a TV transmitter. If it is not, then leave the installation to a professional. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Is it easy to install an aerial?

Fitting a TV aerial for an experienced aerial installer is usually a straightforward procedure, although not often easy. There are times when installing an aerial proves to be more difficult than usual. For instance, if the aerial has to go on the chimney of a tall building of 3 stories or more. The location of the property and lack of a strong enough signal. Or, when routing the cable into the property to where the TV is located is problematic.

Some aerial installations can be a simple project and something that a keen DIYer would be able to do. However, I would never ever recommend an amateur to go on a roof to try to install an aerial rig. This is very dangerous and people are killed every year falling off roofs. So, leave it to the professionals.

How to set up you TV for Freeview

This is a basic guide to help you set up a new TV with Freeview:

  • Plug in the TV, and also plug in the aerial fly lead to the back of the television. Also, insert the batteries supplied into the remote control.
  • Switch on the television and go through the step-by-step installation procedure (you will need your internet password handy).
  • The TV installation will at some point go through a tuning process. Once completed it will be ready to watch live Freeview.
  • The whole process will take no longer than 5 minutes.

How can I get my TV in a room without aerial?

There are a few different ways to watch live TV in a room where there is no access to a fitted and working TV aerial socket. The way to get live TV into a room without an aerial is to do the following;

Subscribe to Sky and watch live TV via a Sky receiver, or Sky glass via internet.

If you have a smart TV, then you can stream some TV channels via Freeviewplay, however, there is the need to log into each platform to do this. It can be slow and clunky to use, but is better than nothing.

Subscribe to Virgin and watch live TV via a Virgin Receiver. Cable will need to be installed into the room for this to work.

Install a satellite dish and get Freesat via the satellite dish. A TV with Freesat software installed or a Freesat receiver is required.

Install an indoor aerial, however, these often prove unreliable as they require a very strong signal. This will depend on how near to the TV transmitter tower you are.

Do I need an aerial if my TV has built in Freeview?

If you want to watch Freeview on that TV, then the quick answer to this is Yes, a TV aerial are still needed. The TV with Freeview requires a good quality signal via an aerial for the television to show all live Freeview Channels