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Sky Installation Bury

As independent Sky engineers and provide Sky installation & Sky Repair service for Bury and the surrounding area. We have decades of experience in every type of satellite installation work which includes Sky HD & now Sky Q. Although some Sky Technicians are limited to how high they can go, we aren’t & can fit a sky dish on high hard to reach places such as a chimney stack if required.

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Sky Dish Installation Bury

A lot of the work we do is Sky dish installation. We can usually get to a customer within a day or two unlike Sky who can take up to 4 weeks in some cases to fit or repair a sky satellite dish. The equipment we fit is genuine, from the satellite dish to the Sky LNB whether it is a Quad LNB, Octo LNB, Hybrid LNB or Sky Q LNB. As mentioned we are not restricted to height and are more than happy to fit the Sky dish to the chimney or some other place, so long as it can get a quality signal. If you are moving house, we can move your dish to the new property, or simply relocate the dish if it is being obstructed in some way.

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Sky dish installation

Local Sky Installers

Being experienced independent Sky installers Bury, we have a lot of experience in carrying out discreet installation work. This means we look for a discreet place to fit the satellite dish that’s out of view. Along with that, we will hide as much of the cable from view as we can.

 We’re also well versed in running Sky TV links or magic eyes for multi room viewing. Plus, we can run satellite cable into more than one room using either single or twin cable. All of the work we do comes with a minimum 12 month guarantee that covers both the installation & equipment.

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Sky Repairs

About half of the work we do at TV Aerials Manchester is Sky repairs in Bury. Problems with a customers’ Sky TV can be due to a number of reasons. Being exposed to the weather will take its toll and any externally fitted equipment, plus damage from being knocked to general wear and tear. Our Sky repair services include;

1. Sky dish repairs

Sky dishes will fail if they become corroded or if they have been hit by scaffolding or ladders. We can completely replace a damaged dish if it cannot be repaired.

2. Sky dish Alignment

Strong winds or impact from a football or the window cleaners’ ladder can do enough to knock a satellite dish out of alignment and therefore lose signal. This happens a lot and we can do a Sky dish alignment to quickly line up the dish correctly and get Sky TV back up and running again.

3. Replace LNB

There are a few reasons to replace the LNB. It’s been damaged or is faulty, upgrade, or replacing a Sky Q to a standard version. We carry all types on our Van.

4. Renew cable and connections

Sometimes due to corrosion, the connections don’t work and need renewing, this is a quick and simple fix. Or if cable gets damaged or cut we can repair or replace the cable.

5. Sky box repairs

We can perform a forced software update to most Sky boxes if they are playing up. In many cases this will fix software issues with an older Sky box.

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Answers to common questions

What does a Satellite dish installation costs?

This can vary due to the number of cable running off the dish, the type of LNB on the dish and where on the property it is being installed. So, to get an accurate cost it is best to call us.

Can a sky dish be fitted on a chimney?

Yes, we can fit the Sky dish on the chimney stack if required.

Why is my Sky link not working after Sky Q installation?

This happens all the time. The reason is the Sky Q box has no facility to use a Sky link system. The only way to run Sky Q to other rooms without signing up to a multi room subscription is to use a HDMI splitter system.

Do I need internet for Sky to work?

No, but you would need an internet connection if you wanted to watch catch up or download any of those types of services

How quickly can you install a satellite dish?

This will depend on how many rooms are being linked to the Sky dish, but for one room it takes between 1 to 2 hours and in some cases we can get to you the same day.

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