How do you set up an indoor TV aerial for Freeview?

Oct 1, 2022

A rooftop aerial is always the best way to get good TV reception but sometimes it’s just not an option.  If there isn’t a working aerial socket to connect to , then an indoor TV aerial can help you get a great free view picture. We show you how to find the best one and get it set up in your home.  

Indoor aerials come in a variety of shapes and sizes some have amplifiers designed to help pick up signals more easily. However, we find that amplifiers can actually add to the picture interference. It may be best to just go for a high-quality indoor aerial and give yourself the best chance of getting a good TV picture. Then if required add an amplifier separately.

Where should a tv aerial be placed?

We typically find that indoor TV aerials work best near a window at a round head height. The higher the better. That’s why most new build homes have their aerials in the loft space or attic. If that means that you need to put the aerial quite far away from your TV then you may need to get some extension cables.

Now you’ve got your aerial home plug it into the back of your TV or set-top box. Some aerials are what’s known as omnidirectional but, most will need aligning to either horizontal or vertical polarization to match your local transmitter. The best thing to do is look out your window at the rooftop aerials in your area see which way they’re aligned. Then match that with yours.

Can I get Freeview with an indoor aerial?

Digital TV channels are delivered in six groups known as multiplexes. A good indoor TV aerial should get most if not all of these multiplexers. However, bear in mind that where you live can dictate what TV channels you can receive. To find out what you should be getting head to the Freeview Channel Checker and enter your postcode.

Indoor aerials and arn’t always the most pretty looking things. So, you might want to tuck it away on the top of a shelf or somewhere where you’re not going to see it every day. Once you’ve found the best position for your aerial, we’d advise you to secure it either maybe with blue tack adhesive Velcro pads. Some aerials can even be wall-mounted.

Why is my indoor aerial not picking up channels?

With your indoor aerial setup and running you should have crystal-clear free view reception and all of your favourite TV channels to watch. This is usually only the case where the home it is in is located very near to the TV transmitter.

If you’re still having problems then get in contact with us. It maybe that the signal being received for where the indoor aerial is just isn’t strong enough. This is why aerials are generally fitted on chimneys or in lofts within a roof.