How do you connect a TV aerial to a socket for Freeview?

Oct 1, 2022

In order for your television to show all of the Freeview live TV channels, it will need to be connected to a working aerial. This can be done via a TV aerial Socket. In order to connect to an aerial socket, you will require a fly lead. This is a piece of coaxial cable with a coax plug joined at either end. The length of such is usually 1.5 meters. This is something you can do yourself and an aerial engineer is not required.

To connect to a TV socket for Freeview you need to plug one end of the fly lead into the socket, then plug the other end into the antenna port at the back of the television. Make sure that the coax plugs are in securely and are not loose.

What lead do I need to connect a TV to an aerial socket?

The lead required to connect a TV to an aerial socket is called a fly lead. The fly lead is a coaxial cable with a coax plug on either end. These come in lengths from 1 meter up. These can be bought from any hardware shop or online retailers. If there is no aerial socket in the room you want to watch TV, then consider buying an indoor aerial as a last resort.