Will an outdoor aerial work in the loft?

Sep 26, 2022

An outdoor aerial will work very well in a loft. So long as there isn’t any foil lined insulation on the inside of the roof. Or that there aren’t solar panels on the roof blocking the signal coming into the attic, then an outdoor TV aerial will work great in a loft!

Can you put an outdoor aerial in the loft?

The simple answer to this is Yes! The same TV aerial that and aerial fitter installs in a loft is usually the same as one fitted outside. The installation may be cheaper too.They will work very well within a loft. However, just like most things in life there are caveats to this answer. There are reasons why an aerial will not work as well or not work at all within a loft. Factors to take into consideration are;

  1. The TV aerials will not work, if a loft has foil lining covering the inside of the roof. Once fitted there is no way any kind of aerial will receive a signal. The signal is restricted and will simply bounce off the foil. This stops any signal reaching the internal aerial.
  2. The signal being received via an aerial within a loft can differ dramatically depending where the aerial is located. The aerial needs to be lined up to the transmitter by using an aerial signal meter. By using a signal meter, it is possible to line up the aerial in the best location. A position that has the very best signal strength and signal quality.
  3. The Aerial will struggle if a roof has a lot of solar panels on them,. This will cause problems with receiving the signal within the loft. When the direction of the aerial is pointing at/through where solar panels are fitted on the outside, then the aerial will struggle to get a good enough signal. Finding a better location away from where the solar panels are fitted is a solution. That or externally fitting the TV aerial.
  4. The signal will be poor if it is a long distance from the transmitter. A TV aerial installed within a loft will get a weaker signal verse an externally fitted on. Loot to the neighbors aerials. Are they all on long poles outside? This is a strong clue that a loft aerial installation will not work. For a weak signal being received from an aerial installed within a loft, a signal amplifier is the best route to take.
  5. Interference will be more of an issue within a loft as apposed to outside. Thermostats for instance can cause interference and the aerial should be fitted away from such pieces of electrical equipment. Using log periodic aerials within a loft is a good idea. This is due to their ability to capture a good signal with reduced interference.

What’s the best loft aerial?

There are no such thing as loft aerials! Aerials that are fitted outside and the same as those fitted within a loft. There are of course different types of TV aerials, & all are designed to receive the frequencies transmitted for Freeview from a local TV transmitter. We fit exclusively the log periodic aerials within lofts and also on most occasions for external installs too.

Does a TV aerial have to be fitted outside on a roof?

No, an aerial doesn’t always have to be fitted on a roof. However, there are some circumstances where it has to be. The reasons would be due to poor to no signal being received within the loft. Unlike a satellite dish, an aerial can receive a signal from within a loft.