How Much Does an Aerial Installation Cost?

Sep 26, 2022

Why install a TV aerial?

A Quality digital TV Aerial if correctly installed makes it possible to access Freeview. Freeview will allow the typical consumer to access and average of 100 Free to air television channels.

We all know that there are several options to watch our favorite shows and movies. This has grown exponentially in recent years. Although, there are more streaming services than ever before with one touch access at any given moment! There is a downside though? In order to have easy access to around 100 Free to air television a working TV antenna is required. So how much does a TV aerial installation in Manchester cost in 2022?

Quick Answer: How Much Does a TV Aerial Installation Cost? Expected Prices

Type Cost Including Labour Average Cost Time Required
Digital TV Aerial Mast & Bracket £200 – £250 £225.00 2 – 3 hours
Replacing Aerial Head Only £90 – £150 £120.00 1 hour
Loft Aerial Installation £150 – £200 £175.00 1-2 hours
Coaxial Cable Replacement £90 – £150 £120.00 1 – 2 hours
Extra TV Socket £100 £100 1 hour
Sky or Freesat Dish Installation £200 – £300 £250.00 1 – 3 hours
Replacing Amplifier £120 – £250 £185.00 1 hour

Prices are Excluding VAT

The average cost of a TV Aerial Installation is £225.00. However, it could well be more or it could be less. Costs can vary depending on how long the installation will take. So, we always recommend calling your local aerial fitters to get a quote.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Installing or Replacing an Aerial?

At the end of the day, this is a guide. There are several factors that will affect an aerial installation cost. We have however, done our best to cover as many angles as possible, so below are some of the things worth considering when budgeting an installation.

  • The Location of Aerial Installation

Contractors in London will charge more than those elsewhere because of the high cost associated driving and parking within the city. You should provide them parking space if you have one available, otherwise they can expect to foot this bill themselves while working on site! This may be passed on to you. Aerial fitters in and around the home counties also tend to cost more than those located in the rest of the country.

  • Is Coaxial Cable required?

If replacing an existing old aerial system then it is worth considering the coaxial cable. If this requires changing, then the cost of such will depend on the length required and the route it takes to get into the property. Also, the number of cable runs required will impact on the cost of an aerial installation.

  • Is a new Mast and Bracket required?

Is a new mast required? Does it look old and rusty or is it damaged? If so, then a new mast and possible bracket may be required. It is not always the case, and in many occasions the new aerial can be fitted on the existing mast without the added cost of replacing it.

choosing the right tv aerial

A Log Periodic Wide Band Aerial

  • Type of Aerial to be used

Most National aerial companies use the cheaper Yagi contract aerials. These are good aerials and pick up the signal & if fitted correctly, will work can work for a long time. There is however the issue that some of YAGI aerials do not last that well in the UK weather. Log Periodic aerials however, not only work well with receiving a signal, but also are incredibly robust and durable. These aerials can cope very well with the UK weather, although they do cost more.

  • Where on the Property the Aerial is to be installed

The cost of an aerial installation can increase if the location the antenna is to be fitted is harder to reach or higher up than normal. For instance, it could cost more to fit an aerial on the chimney stack of a three-story property over one on a bungalow. Always make mention of this when asking for a quote.

  • Indoor vs Outdoor Aerial Costs

The TV Aerial will be the same as an outdoor aerial, however, the time and risk of fitting it in a loft is less. Plus, there is usually a single small mast with its own small bracket used, opposed to the larger and more expensive outdoor brackets and masts. Indoor areal installations usually cost less the externally fitted aerials.

  • What about a Loft Aerial?

Most new build properties require an aerial fitted within the loft or attic. The benefits of this is they will never be effected by the bad weather. There is a reduction in signal strength from within a loft. In such cases an amplifier maybe required

  1. Does it require Splitters or Amplifiers

If an aerial installation requires cable to be run into more than one room, then a splitter or amplified splitter will be required. These will also affect the cost of the installation.

Outdoor TV Aerial installation for Freeview Cost

There are several ways to access Freeview, such as with an aerial for television. However, if you do not have one already installed or want more channels than accessible via the internet using set top boxes and smart TVs, then a TV aerial is a must.

A standard aerial for digital works perfectly well when tuning into digital signals from transmitters for Freeview. The average cost of such an installation is £225.00

TV aerial socket installation cost

This cost is usually addition to an aerial installation. Therefore, if this is something you want, then it is upon you to make this clear to the engineer and to get a cost for fitting an aerial socket. The average cost of fitting an aerial socket including parts is £100.

Cost of a Loft Aerial Installation for a New Build Home

All new build homes will have aerial points already fitted in place. The cables to which have been run within the walls up into the loft space. The cables are usually gathered in one place near to the loft hatch for easy access.

In most cases home builders do not install a TV aerial within the loft for their customers. This maybe to save on costs, but in any case, if the new owner of the house wants to watch Freeview TV on their television, they will need to get a TV aerial installation in the loft.

The average cost of an aerial installation within a loft without an amplifier is £175.00. If an amplifier is also needed due to poor signal strength, then you could expect to add another £80 – £150 to that cost.

Common types of TV aerial

  • Yagi, indoor, loft aerial installation, high gain
  • Log Periodic for Outdoor installations

What’s Involved in Installing a TV Aerial?

A survey of existing aerial system, and best location for the aerial to be fitted. Also, best and most discreet places to run any cable. Safe access to the roof or wherever on the property the aerial installation is go.

When it comes to the actual installation, you should expect some drilling, tacking of cable and the placing of a roof ladder on your roof. Also, allow a couple of hours for the aerial installation to be carried out.

Finally, once all the aerial installation work has been completed, the engineer will come into the home and test the aerial points connected to the aerial. If the televisions need re-tuning, then he will do this whilst there.

How Do I Find and Hire Someone to Install an Aerial?

It is hard to find good help these days, it is not always easy to find someone reputable. but you can always rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted family & friends. There is also the internet of things to search for a local firm, but, look for one with good reviews.

  • Do Your Homework

You can always rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted family & friends. There is also the internet of things to search for a local firm, but, look for one with good reviews. Make sure they are insured and have a decent number of years of experience too.

  • Choose Local Companies

By choosing a local aerial firm, there is a good chance you will be using a firm that is conscience of their reputation. This will mean they want to maintain a good reputation, and do a good job for you. Also, they may be operating under the VAT threshold and their costs could be around 20% cheaper since they will not be charging VAT.

  • Minimum 12 months Guarantee

Only use an aerial company that gives a minimum of 12 months guarantee on both the equipment installed and the actual installation work itself.

Can I install a TV Aerial Myself?

If it is going to be installed within a loft, & you are quite handy with DIY, then give it a go. There are plenty of ‘How to’ YouTube to help guide you. However, I would only recommend doing a DIY aerial installation within the loft. Going on a roof to fit an aerial is very dangerous and should only be performed by an experienced aerial rigger.

Useful TV aerial installation checklist

When it comes time to replace or install a new TV aerial, there are some important checklist items you should make sure cover. This final section of our guide aims at helping ensure that your equipment is up-to-date and suitable for where you live so television reception will never be an issue again!

  1. If you fancy yourself as a DIY er and are doing the aerial installation yourself, always make sure you will be safe and secure.
  2. When looking to book in a firm, go local and check their reviews. If they don’t have any reviews to check, move on to another firm.
  3. Get a fixed quote before any work is started. Get it in writing!
  4. Using this guide try to work out what is required and the cost in advance