How to get Freeview on TV without an Aerial

Oct 4, 2022

Under normal circumstances, the way to get Freeview would be through a working TV aerial. However, there are occasions where that isn’t possible. Watching Freeview without an aerial can be difficult, since your only option is to use an indoor antenna. However, there are ways to get Freeview channels on your TV without using an aerial.

In this blog post, we’ll show you a few methods that work well and are easy to set up. If your home doesn’t have an aerial, or if the signal is weak, this blog post will show you how to get Freeview channels on your TV without an aerial. Keep reading to learn more!

The ways to watch Freeview without an aerial are;

  • Via Smart TV with Freeview Play
  • Via satellite
  • Cable
  • The Freeview Play app

These options come a second place to watching TV via an aerial. This is because the streaming services require separate log ins per channel in order to watch live content.

With Cable or satellite, you will be able to view the same channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc and over 100 channels the same as Freeview, just though a different platform. These are user friendly and do not require logging into each channel. They can be skipped to as easily as Freeview via an aerial.

Watching via Satellite

This is possible only if you have a working satellite and there is a satellite feed or cable in the room. If you have this then there are a couple of options to choose from. Satellite or Cable is the only way to get Freeview on your TV without aerial or internet. This includes lack of mobile phone internet.


Sky TV is a popular TV service in the UK that offers a wide range of channels. Within the channels provided are all of the same channels that are on Freeview, plus more.

To watch SKY, a SKY subscription is needed and also a satellite dish and receiver. This is all provided at a discounted rate when you sign up to an 18-month contract. For many people, this isn’t the best option because of the monthly payments. Sky is an expensive option to watch Freeview channels.


The other option with satellite is by using a Freesat receiver. If there is already a working satellite dish and cable into that room, then Freesat is the best option by far. It has as many if not more channels than Freeview. A simple Freesat box will set you back around £50.  There is absolutely no subscription to pay to watch Freesat. It is an easy set up too. All that is required is a TV license which is the same if you were watching Freeview.

Can you get Freeview through WIFI?

Yes, you can get Freeview though WIFI by using the Freeview Play app. All Smart TVs have this already installed. But if your TV isn’t a smart TV, then this app can be accessed and download on to a tablet, a mobile phone, a laptop or PC. By using the Freeview Play app you can access up to 135 channels. You can often use a screen mirroring function on your phone or tablet and watch what is streaming via the phone on the TV

It is not as streamlined as Freeview live, but it is a good way to access the TV channels you want to watch if there is no aerial. Go to the guide and select the channel you want to watch, then you will be redirected to the BBC iPlayer or another platform. Log in and watch that program. Admittedly, it is not as easy as Freeview live, but it is a good enough alternative.

Cable TV

If Virgin cable TV is available in your area, then this is an option. It is subscription based, and like SKY, is not a cheap alternative. With Virgin, the Phone, and internet can be provided by the same provide which is Virgin. With Virgin, you will get all of the channels available on Freeview plus more, depending on which package you sign up for.