How do I know if my TV has Freeview Built in?

Oct 4, 2022

Firstly, all televisions bought after 2010 will have Freeview built in to them. Apart from connecting to a working TV aerial, there is no need for any other equipment in order to watch Freeview.

Why can’t I get HD channels on Freeview?

There will be 2 reasons why a television that has Freeview built in to it, won’t show HD channels. They are;

  1. It isn’t a HD ready TV.
  2. Reception fault with the TV aerial

It isn’t a HD ready TV

If the TV isn’t HD ready, then it will filter out the HD channels making it impossible to watch HD channels. They won’t even show up on the guide. There is no other option if you require HD other than purchasing a TV that is HD compatible

Reception fault with the TV aerial

The only other reason why you are not receiving the HD channels is that there is a problem with the signal being received by the TV. The HD channels are all grouped on one frequency, and if that particular frequency is weak, those HD channels will not show on the TV.

They may even be missing from the guide. If the TV is HD compatible (most Smart TVs these days such as Samsung, LG, Sony etc all come HD compatible) but, you are not receiving the HD channels, it maybe time to call out an aerial installer to check the TV aerial system. With an indoor aerial, this is often the case as they are generally quite poor at receiving a signal, and the HD channels are usually the first to go missing.

You maybe able to get some of the HD channels using the Freeview Play app, but internet connection is required for this.

Do TVs have Freeview built in?

Not all TVs have Freeview built into them. If they were manufactured before 2010, then they will not have the Freeview software and digital tuner in them. They will not be able to pick up the Freeview digital signal. These older televisions were equipped with an analogue tuner for the old analogue signal. The analogue signal quit being transmitted back in around 2010

What happens if your TV doesn’t have Freeview?

If you are using an older TV that doesn’t have a Freeview digital tuner in it, then there is another option. You will get Freeview by connecting the aerial to a Freeview receiver. Then connect the receiver to the TV via a HDMI or scart lead.

Do I need a Freeview Box?

Before buying a new Freeview box, check the TV to see which connection ports they have. Some older tellys do not have a HDMI port, so make sure the receiver you by is compatible with the TV you have.