Do I need a TV Aerial for a Smart Television?

Oct 3, 2022

Smart televisions have the ability to view programmes by a few different methods. This is due to a smart TV being able to use the internet to stream channels such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, & Roku etc. But do they need a TV aerial installed to watch standard live Freeview TV?

Well, in answer to the question, ‘do you need a TV aerial for a smart TV’? The answer is YES, a Smart TV needs a TV aerial if you want to watch Freeview live on it.

How to watch Freeview on smart TV without aerial socket?

So, there are a few options to watch Freeview on a smart TV in a room without an aerial socket. They are to stream the channels supplied via the Freeview play app on the TV. These won’t provide as many of the channels that Freeview live provides. Plus, you need to log into each platform individually. However, it is better than nothing. There are more options here.

Can a Smart TV work with an indoor Aerial?

The next possible solution would be to buy an indoor aerial, say from somewhere like Argos. If you live near enough to the TV transmitter, it may work. However, more often than not, they don’t work.

To access all the channels Freeview have to offer, then a working aerial socket is required

Do Smart TVs have a built-in antenna?

This would be a handy option if it existed, but again, just like an indoor aerial, it would only work if near to a TV transmitter and there was a strong enough signal. However, there is a problem to this and that is. Smart TVs do not come with built-in antennas. They still require a working TV aerial for them to work for live TV. You can’t watch Freeview live without an aerial socket.

Do smart TVs need Internet?

Smart TVs are designed to benefit from the internet. They can work without an internet connection, if they are connected to an aerial. Then it will only display Freeview live. Also, if they do not have an internet connection, they will not be able to access the apps such as Netflix, You Tube, Amazon etc.

How do I get free channels on a smart Television?

It is easy to get free channels on a smart TV. What is required, is a working aerial that is plugged into the antenna input in the back of the television. Tune in the TV via the settings section and by going into the installation section. Once tuned it will display the free channels available in your region for Freeview.