Installing Aerials On Walls Versus Installing Aerials On Chimneys

Jul 10, 2019

You want to install your TV aerial and are thinking of setting it up high on your roof but are wondering where it would be best to fix it – on the chimney or the wall? Well, before moving forward with your plan, it is worth noting that either option has its pros and cons.

Chimneys Are Often the Highest Point

In most cases, chimneys are the highest point of a property and provide the most elevation, which is why a lot of people have their aerials installed on their chimneys. So, if your home has a gable end chimney, you could have your aerial installed there for greater elevation.

Aerials Installed On Chimneys Are Less Noticeable

Aerials installed on chimneys are typically discreet, and most people expect to see antennas mounted there. The great thing about this option is that a six-foot aerial mast is often sufficient. To install your aerial on a wall, you will need a much larger pole for it to reach an equivalent height.

Installing an Aerial On a Chimney is a bit More Complicated.

Installing an aerial on a chimney is quite tricky as it will require some skill to mount a chimney lashing bracket than it will to drill fixings like those used to set up aerial brackets on a wall. You might be wondering why drill expansion fixings and wall brackets aren’t used to mount aerials on chimney stacks. The reason is quite simple. A majority of chimney stacks are generally made up of one skin of brickwork, often in a bad state. When it gets windy, these fixings will likely pull bricks clean off your chimney, something I have witnessed several times. To avoid this, we advise homeowners to have a chimney ratchet strap or chimney lashing bracket installed as they wrap around the chimney. The wires’ tension is what holds the antenna in place.

Chimneys Aren’t That Easy To Access.

It is worth noting that accessing a chimney is not as easy as it looks. If you own a bungalow, then it might not be that tricky; however, if your home is a normal-style house, you’ll probably need a ladder to access the roof and a cat ladder to roll over it and hook over your chimney’s ridge for easy access. If you don’t have a cat ladder but have a normal one, then consider mounting your antenna on your wall.

Could Damage Roof Tiles

There are times I have arrived at jobs where the roof was in such a bad condition, and with tiles known as “biscuit” tiles (because they break very easily,) that it is almost impossible to do anything without breaking several before I can access the chimney. In such cases, I’ll often try and avoid the chimney and advise the homeowner to have the aerial installed in the loft or on the wall instead. There’s nothing worse and as dangerous as stepping onto a roof ladder and hearing several tiles crumble under your feet.

Walls Are the Best for Large Aerial Masts

If you want to have a +10-foot aerial mast installed, I recommend that you have it installed on a gable end wall if it’s possible. Gable end walls are generally much stronger than chimney stacks. With K and T wall brackets, large bracket spaces can be made, creating a secure fixing that is well suited to support a larger aerial pole. A similar fixing can be installed on a chimney stack using double lashing brackets provided the stack is large enough. However, I will rarely install masts larger than 10 feet on a chimney stack that is no larger than 6 feet. But for this to work, you’ll need a gable end wall. If you don’t have one but own a terrace house, you will find that a 4-foot mast on a chimney stack will offer more elevation than a 16-feet aerial pole installed on a wall.

For walls with several hanging tiles, you might want to consider installing your aerial on your chimney stack or at some other place to avoid having to fix the brackets on the walls.

Other Places Aerials Can be Installed

You could have your aerial fixing installed on a non-penetrating roof mount or fascia bracket. If you are looking for other places where you can mount your TV aerial apart from your chimney or wall, I recommend that you read our earlier blog on alternative locations you could install a TV aerial.

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