Why is my TV saying No Signal

Oct 17, 2022

There are few more frustrating things than sitting down to watch your favourite television program and to be presented with the ‘No Signal’ sign bouncing around the TV screen. However, before giving up and putting your foot through the TV. Take a look at this blog, there may be a quick fix for your telly.

The reason the TV is showing no signal is precisely that, it isn’t getting a signal for the input you are currently on. This does not mean that there is no signal being received via the cable you are using.

So, here are a few quick steps to check why you are getting No Signal on your screen.

Selected the Wrong input

This is a very simple fix. If the wrong input is selected then what will be displayed is no signal. This can be if you want to watch DTV (digital TV), but the HDMI input or other inputs have been selected. Or, if you are wanting to watch the input on HDMI 1 and have selected HDMI2 or other inputs. The signal on screen will show no signal.

Finally, there is another type of issue. If you are watching your TV via another device and that device is not switched on and has no power.

These are all simple fixes. Simple selected the correct input or turn on the power on the device you are using.

Fault with the Aerial System

If there is a fault with the aerial or device connecting to the input being watched, then the screen may say ‘No Signal’. The way to fix this is usually by using a professional Aerial engineer or by replacing the device itself.

Fault with the Televisions Tuner

Sometimes, there can be a fault with the TV itself. The fault is with the tuning device or the physical input where the coax cable or HDMI plugs in to. This requires a TV engineer to fix this fault.

Damaged input Cable

If the HDMI or Coaxial cable is damaged, then the telly will display the ‘No Signal’ on screen. Replace the cable to fix this fault

If after going through this list you are still experiencing problems, then please feel free to book in a visit from our aerial engineer.