TV Aerial Installation

Common Issues With Digital TV Signals

One of the most frustrating things that can happen in modern life is when something that we rely on all the time completely lets us down. Like a mobile phone when it loses its power or signal, your heating pack leaves you without any hot water, or when the picture on your TV breaks up…

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The Reason Why TV Aerials Are Installed On Roofs

If you have ever wondered why TV aerials Manchester typically install television antennas on chimney stacks, roofs, or high up on a wall, usually best for large aerial masts. Read further about everything thrilling detail you should know about TV aerials. Radio and TV aerials will both receive a signal from a land-based transmitter, which…

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Freesat Vs. Freeview: Which One Is Best?

f you are interested in buying one of the latest digital TV systems, you may have already started to ask whether Freeview or Freesat is best? We are here to give you information on each system to help you make a more informed decision. Quite often the decision is made based on how good the…

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How to Improve your Television Reception

In the event that your experiencing difficulty with your Freeview signal pixelating or your asking why your TV Aerial isn’t working. It may be the case that you have a frail TV signal. Truth be told, your TV may as of now be demonstrating a message that you have a “feeble sign” or “no sign”.…

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Digital TV Aerial Installation in a loft

There seemd to be a new build estate being constructed in almost every borough of Manchester at the moment. This is good news to us Aerial Fitters, because with new build properties the builder will more often then not refuse to install a TV aerial in the loft or anywhere else on the house, leaving…

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Choosing the Right Antenna for a TV Aerial Installation

With the large amount of “free programming” that goes over air, there is a greater demand to make use of the over-the-air TV antenna. Some people mount systems to obtain HDTV. In fact HDTV obtains a clearer picture when it travels through the air compared to through satellite or cable. This is because HDTV becomes…

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